List of Jobs in Order of Contract Date
(Earliest are listed first)
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NOTE: You will see below where several clients have commented on our work. We just recently started using this "Walk Through Inspection Form" to give us a better grasp on our quality control in order to improve the final product to our customers, so that is why you will not see comments for everyone on our list below.

Below are Jobs to be Done in 2016:

Poling (Pool Apron) 8/20/15 (client postponed due to pool closing) 5/5/16 emailed request for materials check with agenda to finish.
Poling (Deck & Patio) 8/20/15 [Needs (5) 8'-5/4x6, (23) 10'-5/4x6, (1) 12'-5/4x6, (16) 16'-5/4x6] Note: 4 16' 5/4x6 to be ripped lengthwise and used to replace 64' of fascia and bumper under railing. It will wrap outside deck edge nearest the pool.
(Weather prevented finishing until spring) 5/5/16 emailed agenda to finish.
Morisak 10/20/15 [Needs 4 sheets of PVC lattice (have client choose color) just cut and nailed]
(Shane) 5/5/16 emailed client request for materials check and request for his choice of color of lattice. [LC materials paid and delivered] [finished]
Thomas 12/10/15 (Call ahead to determine color. They want Navajo Red) (Shane) 5/5/16 emailed request for materials check and to insure they sand and install new wood min. of 2 weeks prior to job start. Also emailed color chart with request to choose color.
[LC materials paid & ordered]

Below Jobs Are Under Our New 2016 Structure

Young 2/25/16 (assigned to Shane on 2/27/16. Notices sent to client and to Shane) 5/5/16 emailed request for materials check. Client called to tell us check is in the mail on 5/5/16. [LC materials paid and delivered] [finished]
Crabbs 3/10/16 TBA 5/5/16 emailed request for materials check. (assigned to Shane on 5/5/16. Notices sent to client and to Shane)
Client called to tell us check is in the mail on 5/5/16. [LC materials paid and delivered] [finished]
Waetjen 3/17/16 (Shane) [Needs 10' 5/4x6 replaced] 5/26/16 emailed request for material check. Materials check arrived. Be sure to PW railings also, even though only cap is being resurfaced. [underway]
Vallejos 3/17/16 (Shane) [LC materials paid and delivered] [underway and almost done]
Charles 3/25/16 (Wayne)
Fiorillo (Wayne)
Washington 3/31/16 (Assigned to Shane) [Paid materials check. Cracks & holes repaired. Chose "Pewter SC-31".]
Murray (resurface open deck, rails, steps [not porch and not skirt]. No wood replacement but run a screw into rail cap at corner to bring cap down) 4/7/16 (TBA) [Paid materials check]
Smith, G. 4/18/16 (TBA to Shane) [Needs one PT 2x8-10'] Applicator must insure that he covers the Misting Nozzles located on the outdoor boat slip to prevent product from plugging holes! Color TBD. Color is Light Lead. Materials paid and ordered.
Puhera 4/28/16 (TBA to Johnny) Color TBD. Send color chart with Assignment Contract.

Seals 4/28/16 (Assigned to Johnny) Color is "Silver Gray". Send color chart with Assignment Contract. Prep work done. First coat applied. Weather prevented completion. Client ok with returning in the spring to apply final coat.
Holmes 5/2/16 (Assigned to Johnny)
Kleinhuizen 5/5/16 (Assigned to Shane)
Brumbaum 5/5/16 (Assigned to Johnny) Prep and apply MMA to cracks. Use surface cleaner on concrete. When dry, apply two coats of LC.
Conley 5/12/16 (Assigned to Johnny) New decking and railings (not thirsty wood). But you will need to apply a small amount of wood putty to two 3" 2x2 sections of grab rail which is badly split and attach kick plate under sliding door with 3 or 4 long SS screws. Do NOT resurface composite rail cap. Tape off rail cap.
Boyles 5/20/16 (Assigned to Johnny) 3 decks with multiple coats of Sikkens. Wood in great shape. Not thirsty. But will need stripping, sanding and/or oxalic acid wash. Client chose "Tugboat SC-141" in semi-gloss.
Allen 5/26/16 (TBA) concrete front porch has 3 5ft cracks. Repair with MMA, prep and resurface with Lifetime Coating in Drift Gray. [paid materials check] (Assign to Johnny)
Hintze 7/30/16 (TBA) Deck in Cape Cod Gray. Also, help them with water entering basement if possible. [paid materials check] (Assign to Johnny)
Anderson 8/11/16 (TBA) Resurface 14x18 deck with 3 steps, floor and railings, no StoneWood. (TBA to Shane)
Oakley 9/1/16 (TBA) Abrade 3' trip hazard & fill holes with MMA & resurface concrete sidewalk and front porch in Harbor Gray. Client to have bushes cut back or removed.
Sandy 9/1/16 (TBA) Repair 3' crack in sidewalk with MMA. Requires carpenter to build double gate on casters and replace 10 boards. Resurface rear, front, side decks and railings, no lattice, StoneWood under side deck and deck nearest pool. Resurface concrete sidewalk, steps and patio. All in "cedar SC-146"
Govoni 11/10/16 (TBA to Shane) Fill and repair 60' of cracks in concrete, prime and sealcoat with pigmented MMA, "light gray". Apply MMA into garage up to lip which is just inside garage door maybe a foot. Also, clean and apply MMA to SIDES of driveway.


November 14, 2016: It has been an interesting and difficult year for application of the Lifetime Coating to decks and concrete. All year it has been too wet or too hot. And now it is too cold. We had a very limited amount of time to apply the product this year... far worse than last year. We do apologize if you are one of those we did not get to this year, but the good news is that you are at the top of the list for next year! MMA jobs we can do regardless of the temperature but decks and sidewalks will have to wait until next year. Thank you in advance for your patience. Rest assured, we WILL get your job done and done well. We will never push the limits of moisture or temperature and risk any job going south because we are in a hurry. :-)

June 1, 2016: It stopped raining long enough to get one project done and only one... then the rains came again. This week it did not rain yesterday or today but there is a 50% chance of rain tonight. If that happens, it starts the 3 day cycle all over again. What happened to "April showers bring May flowers"? Is Al Gore behind this?

May 21, 2016: Long range weather forecast is looking good for us to start this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

May 12, 2016: Have you seen the 10 day forecast? Rain Saturday, sunny Sunday and Monday, rain Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly sunny Thursday and Friday, rain Saturday, cloudy Sunday. We need two good dry days in a row and then on the 3rd dry day we apply the coating. That cannot happen with this kind of weather. The good news is that it looks like the pattern of rain every day is breaking up. We literally had 17 days straight of rain at some point every day. Maybe in a couple of weeks we will see the sun for longer than two days at a time. It was the same thing last year folks. Hang in there. We will get to you I promise.

May 6, 2016: Have to take that back. Now forecast says it could rain some next week. We are watching it like a hawk and are ready to start at the first opportunity.

May 5, 2016: On your mark, get ready... almost a go. Temperatures are good but rain is still an issue. Looks good for next week.

April 2016: Still too cold...

March 2016: Had a short period of decent weather. Got one old job finished. Back to same ole same ole. :-(

February 2016 : Just waiting until spring... ZZZzzzzzzzzz

July 15, 2015: Finally a few days without rain... and we have been moving fast and making progress.

July 4, 2015: Don't forget to take a moment or two to celebrate our amazing country and those who paid the ultimate price to insure our independence. We are still "the last best hope of man upon this earth." Have a great Independence Day. Here's hoping we will have many more.

July 1, 2015 Update: As everyone knows by now, we have had thunderstorms and more thunderstorms almost every evening which makes it impossible to resurface the next day or even for two days if it takes longer than 1 day for the deck to dry out. Last night we had a particularly bad storm with gusts ranging between 40 and 60 in some places. This season of storms will pass soon and our three crews will be able to get to your project very quickly.

June 16, 2015 Update: Just about the time we get rolling, another storm hits. Had a gully washer last night that will require 2 good dry days in a row to let the decks dry that we are working on. At least we managed to get Mr. Asai done! Folks, thank you for your patience! We will get to your project just as soon as we can.

June 5, 2015 Update: "Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day." It has been 5 nights in a row. :-(

June 2, 2015 Update: Well we started... then we stopped. Too wet. The temperature is good day and night but these rain storms are stopping application of the product. Every night we get rain means two days we have to wait for the deck or dock to dry sufficiently to apply product. It's the time of year my friends. We will work through it and be rolling shortly.

May 11, 2015 Update: Looks like Ole Man Weather is finally giving us decent temperatures and (barring rain) we will start applying our wonderful resurfacing product this week. Please be sure to bookmark this page so you can quickly find your project on our list which will give you an idea of when we will be getting to your job. :-)

April 29, 2015 Update: Still either rain or too cold at night. Once the temperature remains above 50 at night for a week or more, we will feel safe to start. But we are getting closer. Thanks again for your patience.

April 22, 2015 Update: Still have not been able to start. The temperatures have been ranging above 50 during the day but still below 50 at night.

April 4, 2015 Update: Because we can only apply the product when the temperature is above 50 degrees day and night, we have not been able to start this year. If the weather parallels last year, we will begin application on the first customers on the above list mid May. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we work our way down the list to your project. It will be worth the wait! :-)

Note: Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time to see what progress we have made as we work our way down the list to your project.


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